Company Introduction

Founded in 1980, Shantui Construction Machinery Co. not only rode the wave of China’s spectacular economic development over the past 30 years but also helped to create it. Originally a fully state-owned company, Shantui today is a public company that is well on its way to becoming one of China’s top multinational firms. With sales in more than 120 countries round the globe, Shantui is also leading the way as one of China’s top global brands. Much of Shantui’s operations are headquartered in a massive yet well-organized industrial park in Jining. The Company also sports a brand new headquarters building, opened in September 2010. 

Shantui is the pride of Jining, a city of some eight million persons located in Shandong Province in northeast China. Known mostly as an industrial city, Jining is near to QuFu, the hometown of Confucius, and home of the Confucius Temple, a more than two-millennia old structure that still captures today the ethics and beliefs of one of the world’s greatest sages. Shantui itself is heavily influenced by the Confucian ethics that still permeate the region, and is widely known for its own ethical approach to business. 

Originally known as a bulldozer company, Shantui today features the entire gamut of construction machinery, from wheel loaders and excavators, to graders, rollers, pipelayers, cement trucks, forklifts and much more. The bulldozer remains Shantui’s flagship product, as the company has become the world’slargest brand-maker of this top-of-the line product in the construction machinery industry. In China alone Shantui holds a 65% market share in bulldozers.

In 2010, the Company surpassed US$1.5 billion in sales. Exports as a percentage of overall sales now account for more than 20% of volume. Exports continue to rise quickly as developing markets take advantage of the Shantui Value.

In recent years, Shantui has aggressively engaged in the twin pursuits of product diversification and across-the-board internationalization of the Company. While the China market still remains dominant for construction industries, Shantui is using its success in the world’s largest construction market as a springboard to achieving global recognition as a market leader.

The establishment of Shantui Equipment Southern Africa (SESA) in 2009 was a milestone in this internationalization strategy. SESA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shantui and was the first of its kind for the company. Since 2009, SESA has created a strong foundation to serve all Shantui customers in the Southern Africa region. With over R 120 million in investment into South Africa, SESA is a one-stop shop for all sales, service and parts needs in South Africa. And with a distributor network covering the rest of Southern Africa, our customers can take advantage of Shantui’s “Anywhere, Anytime Service”. The success of this business model in South Africa has spurred the company on in their question for internationalization, with subsidiaries set up in key markets around the globe. In Africa alone, three companies have set been set up to serve this important, quickly growing market: Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya; and Accra, Ghana. Each subsidiary is staffed with a team of local professionals who can give our local customers the support they need.


Our Vision

To be a leading multinational brand in the heavy equipment industry


Our Mission

To bring great value to our customers and healthy returns to our employees, shareholders, parties and society at large.